Morning Journeys (Alarm Poems)


The East Third Street Gallery is pleased to announce the solo show of the artist Patrick Meagher. Limited edition prints, publications and original artworks will be available for purchase.

Patrick Meagher Morning Journey (Alarm Poems)

Opening Reception Thursday February 28, 6pm - 9pm

Morning Journey (Alarm Poems) and Evening Online Meanderings (Personal News Posts) is the second show at East Third Street Gallery. Patrick Meagher presents a series of his overlaid print and poem collages of countryside photos and poems that woke him up in the morning fresh on his mind and transcribed on the spot, and then placed verbatim into these artworks. Selected from three new chap books ‘Nature of the Complaint’, ‘Onto the Ramparts!’ and ‘Atypical Report’ (also available at the gallery and here online at ) these poems are dedicated to friends Patrick spent the past summer with in San Francisco, Bar Harbor, Vinylhaven, Ithaca, Westport, Rhinebeck and downtown Manhattan.

Evening Meanderings is a complementing set of framed prints that fill the opposite wall, comprised of screen capture images of posts on Facebook by friends and acquaintances, (William Heath, Joao Exnuto, Bunny Rogers, among others) with both original posts and appropriated news headlines, together painting a snapshot collage of ‘personal news’ posts from Facebook and Instagram. This series also inspired the book Personal Social Media with the above artists and other contributors including Dushko Petrovich and Michael Pybus.


Prints are also available for purchase online at Cosby Street Press

Special thanks to Anna Ehrsam, Steve Nishimoto, and Selena Parnon